Who is Denny?

Dennis O'Neill (D.O.) is my Uncle Denny. He was born in 1963 with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Despite any physical struggles he lived a life of grace and compassion. I learned so much from him and when he passed away in 2008 I was deteremined to keep his spirit alive by finding ways to help others and D.O. good in his honor! 

How did you get started with this?

In 2018 I was a mom of 2 young kids, past the pregnancy/newborn stage and ready to start something for myself. I've always been passionate about helping others so I decided to take our random acts of kindness to the next level and start planning Kindness Projects. I started the Facebook page in September of 2018 because I realized how much good we can D.O. when we bring our resources together. I am so thankful for the power of social media and how much good we have done in the past five years! 

How can I help?

We always have opportunities for you to donate, volunteer or support us in other ways. You can click here to see what current projects we are working on and how you can help!