About D.O. it for Denny

D.O. it for Denny is a non-profit organization that uses monthly kindness projects to find ways to D.O. Good. We rely on community support and the incredible D.O. it for Denny village we have created online.  We focus on helping families in crisis and occasionally team up with local non profits such as Forever Families, Children's Hospital of Michigan and First Step Domestic Violence Shelter. We will always strive to make the most of your donations and help as many people as possible. We have sponsored over 200 families during the holidays, donated thousands of books to young readers, passed out over 500 blessing bags, completed over 50 projects and we're only just getting started! We  can't tell you how much we appreciate the love and support we have gotten over the years. Together, we are making a difference! 

I am so excited to announce that as of 2/21/2024 we are incorporated witih the State of Michigan as a non-profit organization and have our 501(c)3!! If you've been wanting to give back to a grass-roots organization that does good in your community, this is the year!! We  are finally able to offer tax reciepts for your donations! 

Please take the time to explore our past projects, what we're up to now and how you can help. You can learn more about Denny, and other frequently asked questions here. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns you can email us at doit4denny@gmail.com or find us on facebook at fb.me/doitfordenny